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TRIBOS in Southeast Asia
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The Preservation of perfection in Southeast Asia

TRIBOS® the leading international supplier of protective surface coatings for the automotive, marine and aviation market has now gained a strong foothold in the Southeast Asia.

Led by Stephen Cowan, a senior automotive executive in South East Asia for over 12 years and supported by Nadzry Bakar in Malaysia, TRIBOS® have successfully introduced their protective coating treatments to many of the leading manufactures and dealerships throughout Southeast Asia.

The interest in this product is shared by many, but is captured here by Mr. Chana Teachapanich (Max) of Motormall Narraitwat (Honda Rama 3).

“I have been in the business now for many years and I have genuinely never seen a product like this. The vehicles that we have treated with TRIBOS® look exceptional. We can’t wait to share the benefits that TRIBOS® brings with all our customers ”


TRIBOS® is not a polish or a conventional surface treatments, it’s a state of the art process a genuine scientific breakthrough. TRIBOS® is an active polymer shield so durable that perfection is locked in for years. With protective coatings for paint, glass, alloy wheels and fabric, TRIBOS® offers the most comprehensive protection for your vehicle extending the life and protecting the value of your vehicle.

Originally developed for luxury yachts, which operate in the worlds toughest environment, the marine sector, TRIBOS® provides unbeatable long lasting protection against UV, bird lime, traffic film, oil, exhaust fumes and staining.

TRIBOS® has been fully tested and approved by many major manufacturers.

TRIBOS® products make surfaces easy to clean, returning to a show room shine after a simple wash down. No specialist after care is required.  Once applied you can relax and enjoy the results. All TRIBOS® products are professionally applied by trained and certified applicators ensuring the integrity of the treatment. For the ultimate piece of mind all TRIBOS® products are covered by a 100% warranty.


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