RC44 – A stunning finish – and no polishing for us!


“Well, we were not slow at the last event! 3rd at last, can’t believe we made it onto the podium already. It was very windy and we kept her on her feet. You should see the on board footage from the last day. We are thinking of putting it up on You Tube!
No polishing for us, on the topsides, mast and boom we still look great, without any buffing. The only trouble is that our paint job Is a little tired, Tribos has gone a long way to making it look like new…”

Guy Baron RC44

S/Y Pink Gin – 98% Free from salt spots

“On board Pink Gin one of our problems was visibility, or lack of, through the wheel house windows due to salt residue. Pink Gin being a sailing Yacht with a low freeboard, tends to get more salt water across the decks than most. It was impossible to stay on top of and no amount of cleaning would completely remove the spots, especially in the heat. However the Tribos coating has made life far easier for the crew and consequently benefited the guests.  Wash-downs are simpler and faster and even if we are unable to clean them in time, the saloon windows are usually 98% free from salt spots.

I would definitely recommend this coating to anyone who has a constant battle to maintain their windows.”

Henry Hawkins

Captain – Pink Gin

 Pink Gin Tribos reference


M/Y Solemar – TRIBOS® Exceeds all expectations

“My initial reason for using a coating on the glass on Solemar was to help with cleaning and improve the visibility. I have been extremely impressed with the coating as it has exceeded all expectations including performing beyond its warranty period.

The windows for the guests are visibly clearer, as are the bridge windows; all having less salt water spots on, which is a huge help when time does not allow for a thoroughly good clean.

I have now had my second coating of Tribos applied to the glass and would recommend their products and service”.

Nicholas Doyle
Master of M.Y. Solemar


M/Y Coquine – TRIBOS® restores Coquine’s dazzling finish

“After 7 seasons of intense sun and salt air, our 75 Sunseeker Yacht was looking faded, chalky and tired. A chance viewing of a Tribos ad, gave us the incentive to try something new. Now that the great crew at Tribos has applied the product, we couldn’t be happier. ‘coquine’ has been spectacularly rejuvenated to near new. The owner of the vessel was proudly surprised at the finished product. As the captain, I am more than happy at the way the professional crew at Tribos went about their mission aboard ‘coquine’. The final product not only looks great, but it has reduced and eased the time spent cleaning.”

All the best for the future.
Cpt Mark Ettles

S/Y Squall – TRIBOS® letters of acknowledgement from Squall

“The owner and I are very happy with the finished work that has been done on the hull as well as the masts, booms and spreaders.

We definitely would like to continue using the Tribos treatment in the near future.”

Captain Marc Chaverot – S/Y Squall

TRIBOS® reference from Squall

M/Y Laurel – TRIBOS® helps rejuvinate paintwork aboard M/Y Laurel

“In terms of the product itself, now we’re away from Genoa there is no doubt that it has vastly increased the sheen on the paint surface. I look forward to hear from the deck crew how it fairs over several months. I can see benefit’s in its use in other, less aged paintjobs. The treatment on Laurel is obvious probably a bit late in the paint’s lifespan. If caught earlier in the lifecycle I could see the potential life expectancy being extended, which is always something of interest. Even with Laurel’s paint there is a marked improvement, for that I can certainly congratulate you with your product! Thank you for pulling the project together at such short notice as well.”

Captain Mark My Laurel

M/Y Enigma – TRIBOS® Turns heads for Enigma

“As a Professional Yacht Broker in the South of France specializing in the large yacht market, I know the importance of a client’s first impressions.  A yacht for sale or charter must be looking her best when a client first sets eyes on her and the Tribos Yacht Treatment is the most efficient and cost effective way to do so.  Having just treated a Rose Island Lobster Yacht, Enigma, a day does not go by without a compliment from admirers.  And that means more business so thank you.”

Stephen Royce, Roycenautique

25 years of Large Yacht Brokerage and Member Mediterranean Yacht Brokers Association since 1994


S/Y Jethou – TRIBOS® improves on perfection

“Following a recent paint finish it was important to preserve and protect the surface due to the dark colour of our topsides and Tribos’s background with Marine, Aviation and automotive industries was a perfect answer.  I didn’t think we could improve on the surface’s appearance but since Tribos was applied, it is better than I could have imagined.”

Captain Stuart Branson – S/Y Jethou

M/Y GO – TRIBOS® makes surfaces easy to clean aboard Feadship GO:

“Our hull 678, MY Go, has been treated with your Tribos treatment system. Now 5 months later the cleaning is still a light job with exhaust marks on the hull, dirt marks and rain stripes still really easy to remove even without mild soaps. The crew has informed us that it takes them less time to do the washing down of the yacht.”

Tom De Vries Managing Director, De Vries Groep

M/Y Sea Blue Z – TRIBOS® has a real cost benefit aboard Sea Blue Z:

“I was very impressed with the TRIBOS® System and the finished result, if you can delay a paint job on a yachts hull/superstructure for few or more years, then having this system applied has got to be a serious consideration for any captain.”

Captain Robert Bleecke

sea-blue-z-yacht 2

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