Why use paint protection

To keep your yacht looking its best the surfaces need to be cared for.

You would not lie out in the sun without protection so why should your yacht?

Over time paint can be damaged by lots of different factors UV, Salt, Dirt, Exhaust fumes, Oil  and a host of other contaminates. All of these things can wear away the glossy surface of your paint and cause it to age and fade. Using a paint protection prevents your paint from fading and makes it easier to clean.

By sealing the paint surface and  protecting the paint with a TRIBOS paint protection barrier the surfaces remain in pristine condition.

TRIBOS – The benefits to your yacht

  • Prolong the life of painted and glass surfaces due to the incredible durability of our product, following longer periods between re-sprays
  • Further enhance and retain the gloss on the painted/gel coat surface
  • Tribos is the only protective coating designed specifically for the marine environment and successfully proven in the automotive and aviation industry.
  • Protect the surface from harmful contaminants both man-made and natural such as diesel stains, and salt crystals
  • Easily removable if repairs need to be carried out and then simply re-applied over the top of the existing coating
  • Treatment is versatile and can be done while the yacht is on the hard or in the water
  • Forms a strong bond to itself and the glass surface without harming the surface
  • Tribos is a sacrificial product and will gradually “fall off” as it comes to the end of its life leaving the surface un-marked
  • Wash down and cleaning is easier, faster and uses less cleaning product saving time and money
  • Expanding global network of licensed applicators and distributors to support clients allowing you to re-treat your yacht wherever you are at a time convenient to you
  • Keep the yacht with the same immaculate look it had when the owner first took the keys

Put simply:  TRIBOS Paint Protection will stop your paint looking like this…

…and keep it looking like this.


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Tribos is a registered trademark of Tribos Coatings (International) Ltd