Quality control

‘Gloss’ can mean different things to different people and is not something we at Tribos are ever subjective about. Scientific measurement is the only truly reliable method of assessing surface condition in a wholly objective way, so we use specialist gloss metering instruments, both in product development and during process quality control.

Gloss is measured in gu (gloss units) and is specified in ISO 2813. Typically, a dull surface sanded with 1200 grit paper is around 45 gu, a mid-gloss, mildly weathered surface 70 gu – and glossy new white paint around 80 gu. For comparison, a mirror might have a gloss of 750 gu.

Licensed Tribos applicators are therefore fully trained to measure the amazing Tribos gloss scientifically, both before and after treatment.

All our development and quality control instruments are calibrated and conform to ISO 2813.

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