Marine Glass Protection

Marine Glass Protection

Welcome to Tribos Glass Protection Coating. Tribos marine glass protection is a unique chemical barrier that keeps glass cleaner and clearer with enhanced all-round visibility and safety. This works by making glass surfaces hydrophobic, e.g. water repellent.

Why Choose Tribos Marine Glass Protection?

How Does Tribos Marine Glass Protection work?

How is Tribos Marine Glass Protection applied?

How does Hydrophobic Technology work?

Where can I have Tribos Marine Glass Protection applied?

What is the cost of Tribos Marine Glass Protection?

How can I find out more information on Tribos Marine Glass Protection?

Why Choose Tribos Marine Glass Protection?

As part of the total protection package, Tribos also protects and preserves all the glass surfaces of your yacht. This includes interior shower cubicles etc. There are many benefits to protecting your yacht’s glass with Tribos Marine Glass Protection:-

  • Crystal clear glass enhanced all-round visibility and safety
  • A hydrophobic barrier that causes rain to dissipate from the glass
  • The pores of the glass are sealed, preventing dirt and salt crystals from degrading the glass
  • Immediate and obvious increase in pride of ownership and resale value
  • Applied by manufacturers and owners of superyachts the world over

How Does Tribos Marine Glass Protection work?

As with all our protective coatings, application is everything.

Firstly, the glass must be expertly prepared by a unique combination of mechanical and chemical cleaning processes. This ensures that all dirt, oil and organic contamination is removed from the pores of the glass, before applying the Tribos Marine Glass Protection.

Secondly, the Tribos Marine Glass Protection is then applied to seal all the clean pores of the glass, before curing to form a strong durable and uniformed hydrophobic layer over the glass surface. This layer ensures that the glass is easy to keep clean, enhancing visibility and safety, by ensuring rain/saltwater droplets have nothing to adhere to.

For those of you interested in the science, our contact angle is in excess of 104°.

How is Tribos Marine Glass Protection Applied?

To take full advantage of the phenomenal performance of Tribos Marine Glass Protection, we have paid as much attention to developing the vital preparation and application techniques as we have to the formulation itself. Put simply, one cannot work properly without the other.

The Tribos Marine Glass Protection product is applied using a 3 stage process.

The Marine Glass Protection application uses specifically manufactured chemicals to clean the glass surface.  Using our Tribos Glass Renovator product to clean out the microscopic pores removing any trace of oil, silicone and other dirt.


Once the glass is 100% clean, we neutralise the surface to ensure that the glass is in the very best state to receive the glass protection. It’s this preparation that ensures our ability to guarantee the polymer’s durability and adhesion to the glass surface.


We then apply our polymer in 2 stages ensuring total coverage, each stage cures to the glass leaving a microscopic coating that protects the glass, seals the pores and forms a hydrophobic coating that repels the water from its surface.


Crystal clear glass for enhanced all-round visibility and safety– that stays cleaner for longer!

How does Hydrophobic Technology work?

Applying a hydrophobic coating to a glass surface increases the contact angle when compared to normal glass. This reduces the surface area of the water droplets that remain in contact with the glass, therefore allowing them to fall away quicker. A contact angle of 90° and above would normally be classed as hydrophobic. TRIBOS® glass treatment can be measured at 104°.

Where can I have Tribos Marine Glass Protection Applied?

We have many certified and reputable Tribos Marine Glass Protection application teams throughout the globe. To find your nearest applicator and their contact details please click here or alternatively call us on 01425 470850.

What is the cost of Tribos Marine Glass Protection?

The price of our Tribos Marine Glass Protection varies according to size, type and condition of your glass. To request a quote please  call us on 01425 470850 or send us an email

How can I find out more information on Tribos Marine Glass Protection?

If you have not found the information about Tribos Marine Glass Protection you were after or you have a query please give our friendly Marine Glass Protection team a call on 01425 470850 or email they will be more than happy to assist you with your query.

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