Q: What makes Tribos different to other products out there?

A: Well, a number of things. Here are some brief examples:

  1. UV resistance

    Our polymers contain UV reflectors and absorbers that protect against solar radiation. These ingredients are largely unique to our product and contribute significantly to the cost. Of course, other products claim to ‘protect against UV” but in our testing we have found this not to be 100% true! Often, the product itself is quite UV-resistant, but in fact lets UV pass right through to the paint or gelcoat underneath, in the same way a glass window isn’t damaged by the sun, but the furniture behind it fades. Our special inhibitors actually reflect the majority of the UV and dissipate the rest as harmless heat. See the full facts in our Technical Centre

  2. Longevity

    Our barrier products have been extensively tested for long life with conditions of high humidity and strong UV. We evaluate our polymers with field testing as well as accelerated weathering, using standard testing methods – see the full facts in our Technical Centre – so, unlike other products, we actually know what ‘life’ to expect from our Tribos polymer barrier in a particular environment.

  3. Application quality control

    Our application process involves multi-step quality control. We initially measure the condition of a surface to judge the minimum amount of polishing required to bring it up to the standard required for a successful Tribos application. We measure gloss (gu) according to ISO 2813 – see the full facts in our Technical Centre. This means our application is of a uniformly high standard in all areas, not just the easy-to-reach places!

  4. Gloss which feels great and is easy to clean

    Our polymers give a fabulously glossy look and feel. Just run your hand over a treated surface to see what we mean; and the best news? Just a wash-down is all it needs – that’s when you’ll really appreciate how smooth the Tribos surface feels.

  5. Product depth

    There’s more to Tribos than just the polymer barrier products. The application techniques have been specially developed, as have the Tribos-compatible cutting compounds and the silicone-free, low-oil swirl removers that are so essential for 100% polymer adhesion.

Q: Does the Tribos barrier protect against acid rain?

A: Yes

The polymer is completely water repellent and therefore stops any water – including acid rain – reaching the actual substrate (paint or gelcoat) at all. Traditional waxes and silicone oils can be dissolved by acid rain and cause the characteristic black streaks. You will not see this on a Tribos finish!

Q: What is behind the chemical technology in Tribos products?

A: From the very beginning, we have insisted on the best possible raw materials and chemical ingredients for this revolutionary system.

That’s why Tribos barrier products are manufactured with specially developed polymers and hi-tech ingredients from world leading industry specialists and our polishes use precision technical alumina.

In summary, all our products are made without compromise, to a high standard. down to a price that will make it look attractive to accountants and retailers! They are thoroughly researched, tested and expertly applied to ensure they actually work and deliver what we promise!

Q: Will Tribos affect my paint’s warranty?

A: Through Tribos’ extensive development with Dow Corning and major companies in the marine, aviation and automotive industries, we guarantee that our protective coatings will not harm the paint or gel coat surface it bonds with.

Although Tribos is a sacrificial product, it forms an incredibly strong bond with itself and the surface it’s protecting.  The bonds are specifically designed to hold fast and in some cases repair but will eventually dissipate over the life of the product.  This is unlike traditional wax polishes and other after care polymer products which do not bond at all and will move around the surface in the heat and humidity causing an un-even layer of protection and in some cases exposed areas.  This is especially true of wax polishes which just fall off in the heat.

Tribos is working closely testing with paint manufacturers to assure them that Tribos performs exactly as we promise and does not harm their products or void their warranties.



Q: Why use a glass protection treatment?

A: In the same way that metal rusts when exposed to the moisture and corrosive elements in the air, glass surfaces are subjected to the same corrosive effects present in the atmosphere.

Even a small amount of water can cause visible damage to the glass surface.  Contrary to popular belief glass is actually a highly porous substrate with millions of microscopic pores that are open to contamination.  Both organic and inorganic contaminants can get into these pores and bond to the visible deterioration of the glass surface and a reduction in transparency and shine.

Q: What protection does Tribos offer for my glass?

A: Tribos seals the pores of the glass from environmental pollution, such as acid rain and of course damage caused other contaminants such as salt and diesel fumes.

As the glass is protected, energy performance of the glass will be enhanced and last considerably longer and this protection also means using Tribos can also help avoid renovation costs.

Q: Can Tribos glass protection deliver significant cost savings?

A: Yes, Tribos treated glass repels water and prevents dirt building up therefore cleaning takes less time and requires no aggressive chemicals.  Also windows in difficult to reach areas can be simply rinsed off and left to dry with very little residue left, preventing the corrosive effect of salt left on the windows and an unsightly view for guests.

Q: How does cleaner glass save money on my energy bills?

A: Dirty glass heats up quicker and loses its insulating properties, the consequences of which are that air conditioning units have to work harder and longer to make the air cooler with additional impact on the environment.

Q: How does glass protection improve visibility?

A: Due to Tribos Glass Protection’s hydrophobic properties, the majority of water and contaminants will not stick to the protective layer. This gives you a clearer view with fewer dried deposits of salt etc. and the glass is free from corrosive marks which could obstruct your visibility especially at night.

For further technical information, please call the Tribos Head Office: +44 (0)1425 470850.

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