About Us

The World’s Most Advanced Marine Surface Protective Coatings

We understand how important your yacht is to you

At Tribos® we understand the sense of pride and satisfaction that can be had just by admiring your yacht, enjoying its lines, it’s design and the immaculate finish of its paintwork. We also know that you want to keep it looking its best all the time.

With a range of scientifically researched and proven marine surface protective coatings, Tribos® now offers total unrivalled protection that preserves the perfection that is your yacht.

TRIBOS® – The Preservation of Perfection

  • Our specialist polymer coating enhances and protects exterior paint surfaces against UV, salt, dirt, exhaust fumes, oil and a host of other contaminates.
  • Our Paint and gelcoat polymer give an unrivaled shine, delivering a better than new look to your surfaces.
  • Our state-of-the-art glass treatment seals the pores of windows making them hydrophobic and this, in turn increases visibility and safety.
  • We have a range of products each specifically designed to work perfectly with most surfaces and we are constantly researching and developing more.
  • You can touch and feel the difference – not just from Day 1, but over time.
  • There is a significant cost advantage too. Tribos can delay a paint cycle and, used in the correct way, we can help avoid one all together.
  • Extends the life, colour and ‘look’ of the finish, maintaining and heightening resale value. keeping your paint looking better for longer.
  • Offers an overall protection not only for your paint but also for your glass.

Ultimate confidence

At Tribos® excellence comes as standard, to ensure this, all our products are professionally applied and we offer a genuine guarantee without the need for ongoing rejuvenation or maintenance.

Who needs Tribos® Marine Protective Coatings?

The short answer is, anyone who wants to use the best marine paint protection system available. You may simply want to improve the look of your paint, gelcoat or glass – or perhaps protect your paint, gelcoat and glass from the elements to keep it looking better than new. It could be that you just want to make it easier to clean and have a perfect shine without the hours of polishing.

The Tribos® Marine protective coatings system has now proved itself beyond any doubt and is used and trusted, not only by individual owners, but by leading international manufacturers and surface finishing specialists.

So why pick Tribos® Marine Protective Coatings?

From the largest superyachts to the smallest day boats, Tribos® has proved in independent tests to be the most advanced and effective marine paint protection available.

  • Yacht owners, captains and crew can now enjoy a ‘better than new shine’ with a simple wash-down so no more endless polishing.
  • A significant cost benefit as Tribos can help delay a respray, in fact used correctly can a void a paint cycle all together.
  • Applied in the automotive sector and by yacht manufacturers and owners the world over.
  • Restores faded paint finish to a better than new finish.
  • Immediate and obvious increase  resale value and in pride of ownership.
  • Offers an overall protection not only for your paint and gelcoat but also for your glass.
  • Hydrophobic system that keeps glass clearer and cleaner for longer enhancing all-round visibility and safety.
Tribos is a registered trademark of Tribos Coatings (International) Ltd